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Please note that payment must be received before work begins on the project.


£30 per Track             

Classic mastering service that takes a single file and transforms it into release ready audio. Using a combination of Digital and Analogue tools to craft a your sound into a refined  polished work of art. Whatever the format may be, e.g Streaming, Club playback or Vinyl your music will benefit from the expert processing that Mastering provides.


Mix assessment and feedback if required, addressing problems that would be best solved by going back to the mixing stage. Ensuring you get all the benefits of a professional master with no compromises on quality.


DDP/ISRC delivered upon request.

This service includes:

Unlimited free revision on the same file. (If I receive a new mix then an additional £10 charge will incur.)

Additional Versions eg Radio Edit/instrumental

£10 per Track             


£30 per Track + £10 per addtional stem

The higher level of control that allows a track to be fully maximised to the sonic potential. With precise processing on individual elements of a track to create a homogenous yet detailed sound.

Perfect service for people who have taken their track as far as they can but need an extra push to get it just right.

Common examples could be Kick and Bass separated in a Dance track or Vocal and Beat in a Rap/Singer Songwriter context.

Unlimited free revisions, mix assessment and DDP/ISRC services are included like with stereo mastering.


£80 up to 8 Audio Files                              £100 9-16 Audio Files 
£120 16-24 Audio Files

£140 24+ Audio Files

After many requests from existing customers I now offer a dedicated mixing service.

Working with high quality tools such as EQ, dynamics processing and level balancing to achieve a balanced and impactful sound that serves the music and prepares the audio for the next stage in mastering.


This services is the most collaborative that I offer and I am open to any suggestions and references you may have to reach the sonic potential of your music. Revision requests are treated with consideration and respect as well as being included in the price.


Track Feedback

£12.50 per Track

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