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Make sure that you are completely happy with your track and the mixdown. Id advise listing to the bounced file after you export instead of the DAW session.  Mastering will enhance your music. Addressing individual instrument balances is best done during the mix phase. I know that a great master always comes from a great mix so am always on hand to provide a fresh set of ears on something you are not quite sure of.

Files to be sent in WAV/AIFF Format with a minimum sample rate of 44.1khz and bit depth of 24bit.

At lest 6db of headroom on the peaks of the track.

Remove any Limiters or Maximisers on the main output.


Please fill out this Project Info resource document and send along with the audio files. Help me help you to achieve the sound you want by providing and insight into your music from your perspective.

Notes on Plugins on your Main Output

If a certain plugin is integral to the sound of your music eg bus compressor to add feel to the music, please let me know what it is and what it's doing. You can send 2 versions of the song one with it on and one without so I can understand what you are trying to achieve.

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