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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the usual turnaround time?

This varies from week to week depending on how busy I am, but a general guideline would be 3-5 working days, If you require an urgent master please let me know and I will always do my best to meet your deadline.

Why should I choose Decent Mastering?

With numerous releases under my belt, I am confident enough to offer a pay what you feel deal for the first track mastered, so you can hear the results for yourself and decide if we are a good fit to work together going forward.

What styles of music do you specialise in?

I enjoy working on all genres and can deliver exceptional quality no matter what. The majority of my work recently has been Underground Dance Music, Indie, Ska, Hip Hop and Ambient. You can listen to examples of my work here (link to listen page)

How Do I Pay?

I accept payments via Paypal or Bank Transfer where I can send an invoice to you directly.

Why are there extra charges?

I pride myself on attention to detail with strict quality control processes to ensure that every track that leaves the studio is artifact free (clicks, pops, etc) using audio restoration tools such as Izotope RX, these extra charges are to cover the time spent doing this along with printing the audio through my hardware chain for additional versions of tracks.

Why don't you provide before and after examples anymore?

I used to have a dedicated page that showed before and after examples but as I have developed over the years I see how these can be misleading and build unrealistic expectations of what mastering can achieve generally. As well as being misleading by taking advantage the of louder = better phenomenon my skills have been refined to the point where my masters are not only louder but also clearer Each track is different and requires. a unique approach to achieve the appropriate sound. Some tracks need drastic changes some need more subtle and this is hard to convey in any way other than actually mastering the track and hearing the results. This is why I still offer pay what you feel for new customers. 


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