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Jake at Decent Mastering is a fully certified Apple Digital Masters Mastering Engineer with a wide variety of customers such as underground dance music labels like Beeyou, Fraise, Homegrxwn, and Appetite, Mastering tracks for Rossi, Laidlaw, Wodda, Aerofunk and Just Jam. As well as working with bands such as Death of Guitar Pop, The Bracknall, and Laurie Wright. Showing off a maverick understanding of audio with a depth of knowledge spanning all styles of music.

Being dedicated to his craft he works out of a studio in Essex that has full range mastering monitors from Tyler Acoustics and Genelec. Extensive acoustic treatment allows for fine processing audio through a hybrid analog and digital chain which is fed through mastering grade converters from Prism Audio. Constantly refining equipment, environment, and workflow he is able to enhance the clarity impact, and groove whilst respecting the original mix that the artist has worked so hard on to create tailored masters of each track he works on. 

Also, a keen mixing engineer having worked with charity The Keepsake Circle on their beautiful albums as well as digging into the hard hitting bass world with work with rising star Henri Victorious.



Creating music is a beautiful activity. Yet I have experienced the deflating feeling that comes with hearing my music fall short when played back in my car or on a sound system next to other tracks. Even times when I had sent my music off to be professionally mastered I was continuously underwhelmed by what i got back. Without a clue of why i kept falling short of my goal. 

Taking nothing away from any Mastering Engineer who worked on my music before, but being able to communicate directly with someone who had an objective view upon the music, providing feedback and pointers to how I could improve.


This is what I bring with Decent Mastering. A service that incorporates collaboration and discovery. Bringing the introverted nature of creators out  through intimate relationship bringing the gap between musical disciplines with emotional investment in each an every project I work on. 


I now pride myself on my willingness to push back with an artist if needed and give them precise ways of improving the music before the Mastering process begins. Communicating directly with them made my role easier and more fulfilling. 

Applying this missing piece of the puzzle to my own work and the artists who trusted me with their precious creations transformed the quality from night to day.

Having developed the skills to pin point problematic areas that prevented the music excelling, I was able to turn the frustration of working hard in the studio and getting back disappointing results into confidence in every stage of the music creation process.

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